PS Hand Watcher: your hand strength at PokerStar tables

After the  update of the PokerStars client on date 06 sept 2017 PS Hand Watcher can no longer work. Sorry. 
Hoping in some changes in the next updates of the Client.

Program users: please refer to the disclaimer at program Setup:
"The user moreover recognizes and accepts the possibility that as result of future PokerStars software updates
the program may no longer work correctly".

Sorry again, I can't make miracles: I have updated the program for years, but atm due to important changes
in the PokerStars Client that's 
no more possible for me. I'm looking for new working code.

Atm you can use PS Advanced Hand Value, that displays the value of the hands in Huds with text size, text color and background selectable at will.
The program generates the same PS Hand Watcher CODE and PS Hand Watcher registered users can register for free by the previous password.