AAPG Watcher 2
an America's Army utility

AAPG Watcher is a small freeware utility that constantly monitors your favorite servers of the free online FPS game America's Army Proving Grounds, alerting you:

By AAPGW2 you can also quickly check players and spectators present in until 5 preferred servers.

Note: when a match ends, the game is resetted and for some seconds players are set to zero from the client. So AAPGW2 intends as "End match" to find zero players in a servar where there was players some seconds before. This means that if you start the monitoring exactly in this reset time you will not get an alert, since players number STARTS from zero (note that the players box backcolor is yellow).

Basically the most classic use of AAPGW2 is:

Program opening:

in the sample image some servers have already been entered by the user (through the Test window).

You now have to select the servers you want to monitor, the alert option and press the Start button.

You can also use AAPG Watcher only to chech players on the selected servers: it's enough to start the monitoring and stop it suddenly.

Start button pressed:

The program is monitoring the two selected servers.

The current maps and players are automatically shown, as players currently joined to the server (playing and spectators).

NOTE: after start the monitoring become enabled the "Show players" option buttons related to the checked servers. Select an option button to show the related players (see red arrow).

Press Stop to break the monitoring.

Note the yellow background of the server with zero players: monitoring started with zero players... reset for End Match or empty server? Check manually.

The match is over on one or more of the selected servers: the program window automatically appears on the screen (if hided), with the servers that meet your request highlighted in green color.

The server monitoring stops automatically (the button becomes "Start watching")

If has been selected a sound, will also appear a button that allows you to interrupt it

From left to right:

Note: the Main window of the program can't coexist on the screen with the Test Window or the Sounds window: when you open one of them, the Main window is automatically hidden, if atm visible.