Modify (or cancel) the alert time

To modify the alert on a sticky already created:

If you want to cancel an alert that you 've already set up but in the meantime save the data of the sticky, you have to set a time equal to or less than the current one. Then you can move the sticky outside the side edge of the monitor to save the data in the 'outdated stickies' database.

If the alert time is close to the current one, the fastest way is repeatedly press '<Alt> D' (default shortcut to subtract days) when the sticky is active, so to quickly remove days from the alert (as soon as the date becomes less than the current one the background of the Date and Time labels becomes red-brown).

Or press 'F8' to open the window of alert setting , set a date before the current one and press 'Ok': a message will ask you to confirm. Confirming, the sticky will be set with current date and time, which means that the alert is not set.

Moving the sticky outside the bottom edge of the monitor you will delete the sticky with its data, whatever date is set in.