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PS Never Sitout 3: auto sit in on PokerStars tables

PS Never Sitout is an utility which helps you to automatically return in Sin In while you're playing on multiple PokerStars tables. The program substitutes the previous obsolete PS Auto Clicker.

PS Never Sitout provides, if the options are selected:

  • To put you automatically in Sit In in case you go in forced Sit Out (auto-click of the "I'm back" button)
  • To put again in foreground the previous active table, when a table jumps in foreground due to click of the "I'm Back" button
  • To add a sound at the pressure af the "I'm Back" button

Features of PS Never SitOut:

  • Works with all the themes of the tables of PokerStars.
  • Supports up to a maximum of 20 game tables open at once (depending from power and threads of your CPU).
  • Works in any language is set for Lobby and game tables.
PS Never Sitout is a trialware program, that you can try for 30 days. After this period the program must be registered by the relative item of the Menu.