Icons of PS Play ByVoice

While PS Play ByVoice is running you will see only the program icon on the Windows TrayBar, close to the clock, and more specifically:

  1.  : is the standard icon, which indicates that the recognition engine is enabled and the voice commands are sent to the game tables of PokerStars.
    If the program seems to stop working, try to activate it clicking two times on the icon, until it becomes again

  2. ip : you have temporarily stopped the voice commands, by left click on the program icon (another click to activate it again). The recognition engine stops to work.
    As already said, in this way you can also reset the speech engine in case of incorrect recognition of voice commands usually well recognized.

  3. : you will see this icon when:
    a) all the PokerStars hotkeys are disabled.
    b) all voice commands related to PokerStars enabled hotkeys are disabled.

    In both cases the recognition engine is disabled.

  4. blu : you have opened the window of Test . Voice commands stop to work and them are no more sent to the game tables.

  5. ibt : not only is open the Test window, but you have also pressed the button "Click to test your Grammar".


Windows 7/10: depending from your settings initially the program icon could be inserted in the "hided icons window".

In this case simply grab the icon with the mouse and drag it on the TrayBar, or customize its settings. From now it will be stay there.