i32 PS Play ByVoice 2
an utility for PokerStars gamers

PS Play ByVoice 2 allows you to play, by means of voice commands, seven hotkey actions of PokerStars, allowing you to greatly reduce the use of mouse or keyboard.

The program is the light version of the previous PS Play By Voice. The new version is much more easy to use and, being lighter, with less mistakes in the voice commands recognition. In any case, if the UserName is the same, the code generated is also the same, therefore the two programs can be activated with the same password.

Program items must be currently enabled as hotkeys by the Settings of the PokerStars Lobby. This means that you have to set one or more hotkeys in the settings of the Lobby of PokerStars which correspond to those available through the program. The speech recognition is done by means of the Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine V11.

For the voice commands has been chosen as default words ones selected from the the NATO military alphabet, usually well recognized also from poor quality microphones. You can change these words at will by the Test window.

Program sends the voice commands to the active game table or to the game table under mouse, according with your PokerStars settings related to the hotkeys. This means that if hotkeys are sent to the active table and there are not active tables (e.g. you have clicked outside for some reason) commands doesn't work even if action is needed.

Note: voice commands are set in english language. This means that them must be pronounced as an englishman would pronounce them, or you risk misreadings.

If enabled (see here) during the normal operation of the program is displayed a little window that shows the words recognized from the Speech engine and the quality % of recognition.

Pls consider that to have a good speech recognition you should have a good quality microphone. In each case, before playing with real money, every time you launch the program pronounce several times each of the available words, so that the voice recognition engine is best trained on recognizing them.

WARNING: Some omnidirectional poor quality microphones may mistake the PokerStars sound of cards being dealt (in case of high volume speakers) or a simple smack of lips for a voice command, with consequent possible unwanted action. Check the microphone parameters carefully and, during your tests, look in the control window to check if any noise can be mistakenly mistaken for an action. If necessary, change the default voice command.

Sometimes the Microsoft Speech Engine stops to recognize usually well recognized words. In this case click to the program icon to stop the speech recognition engine and make another click to reset and activate it again.

Temporarely stop the voice commands

Voice commands can be temporarily stopped at any time, left-clicking the program icon (that from becomes ). Click again to activate again (note: clicking the icon you can deactivate the active window, e.g. a game table. In this case click the game table to activate it again).

Before to run PS Play ByVoice check that the microphone is working properly. Then test the recognition of your custom voice commads by the Test window.

PS Play ByVoice is a trialware program that you can try it for free in all it features for about 30 days.